„In the service of Hungary for security

 „In the service of Hungary for security
The system of the disaster protection of Hungary is a national-level law enforcement organization, which has created from contraction of body of civil defence and national and local bodies of State Fire Department. It issues administrative function, and diverges to national-level law organization (National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of the Interior) and regional organizations. The local organizations are the branch offices, fire departments, and officies, which operate subordination of the regional organizations (county directorates).

The main functions are the following: preparing for defending against disaster, protection of the population, prevention of emergency, and contribution in liquidation of damages.

Thousands employees (professionals, civil servants) of system of the disaster management works in order to be able to solve the problems and help in trouble.

The functions of the organization are diversified and multiple, for example: prevention of bad accident which caused by dangerous substance, intervention in the case of accidents, reparation in the case of natural and industrial disasters. The supervision and control of national fire system service is issued by the constitution of disaster management.

According to ours main goal to respond to requirement of actuation of effective disaster preventive system in the case of supervention of industrial or natural disaster.

The official function is very important for us.

Among others the official competence of disaster management are the following:
-         actuation of system of licensing and official monitoring of dangerous industrial factory
-         consummation of transport of dangerous goods on road, railway and water
-         market surveillance of building and fire protection technical product
-         process of cause of establish and use of not fully regulated built-in automatic extinguishers
-         licensing of difference in directions of fire protection provisioning
-         administrative process of professional activity of fire protection
-         process of causes of fire protection of civil national security services
-         official authority of second degree of fire and civil protection administration in Tolna County

These official powers above are the resorts of the guarantes of public security.

From 2012 the disaster management has been reformed and added to further professional contents. We hope that this website will help to the open dialogue between the citizens of Tolna County and Tolna County Directorate for Disaster Management, and mutual confidence.

In hope of help of yours orientation of good behaviour and rules of conduct in the case of emergency,  welcome our website.